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  • Hook:How come Elsa gets to be hot in her movie and I don't?
  • Emma:Excuse me?
  • Hook:You heard me. How come she gets the sexy dress and I get the stupid mustache?
  • Emma:Seriously? She's trying to kill us all and that's you're reaction?
  • Hook:Have you seen that dress?!?
  • Emma:Hook, I say this with all the sincerity in the world.
  • Hook:Don't.
  • Emma:You really need to--
  • Hook:Stop.
  • Emma:Let--
  • Hook:Swan.
  • Emma:It--
  • Hook:No.
  • Emma:Go.
  • Hook:I hate you.
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The joker mini poster #lootcrate
The #lootcrate box this month
#lootcrate Harley Quinn mini poster
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Another photo during wrestling on Saturday